What is ‘Cardiff Without Culture?’

One poster

Every day

From an artist

Responding to a Cardiff Without Culture

Cardiff Council is proposing to withdraw funding from arts organisations, venues and projects across the city. Cuts of £700,000 threaten the future of Cardiff’s dynamic and diverse cultural life.

Cardiff Without Culture? is a campaign that seeks to reverse those plans, with a series of actions and interventions that are bringing together a growing movement of people – the arts community, local residents, cultural institutions – who wish to safeguard the city’s culture.

Commissioned by g39 as free digital art works, these individual and divergent creative responses to the prospect of a Cardiff Without Culture form a series of campaign posters. We’ll share one work a day – from both local and international artists – up until the Council announces its final budgetary decision on February 25th.

Do you want to see a Cardiff Without Culture?

If not, please sign our petition and share this poster campaign with others.

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